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September 19, 2011
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There it was the beautiful and vast region of Sinnoh. The region where Staraptors flew high in the sky and Luxrays ran across the grassy lands that stretched for miles. Touko's red snake eyes couldn't help but sparkle at the lovely sight.  

The Unfezant landed safely onto the ground and enabling N to get off. "This must be Twinleaf Town." N guessed, looking around the small little town.

"Touya said that we should look for some girl." Touko reminded N as he walked towards on the houses. "Do you know who this girl is, N?" Touko asked. N shook his head as he walked to the front door of the house.

"No I have not, but from what Touya told me yesterday was that she lived in Twinleaf Town." N replied, he rang the doorbell and waited until a young girl with shoulder length black hair revealed herself from behind the door.

"Hello..." She said, wondering who the strange person was at her door. The girl was in shorts and a tank top, apparently she was having a lazy day sitting on the couch. Her hair was slightly messy but she managed to make it look normal. Now her eyes were a lovely shade of sky blue, they were certainly beautiful.

N gave a small smile to girl. "I'm N, Touya's friend." The girl's eyes widened before she stepped to the side of the door's frame.

"Please come in!" She smiled at N as he walked in with Touko on his shoulders. Her snake like eyes roamed the room, seeing a boy sleeping on the couch. His blonde hair was messy just like the girl's was and he was almost dressed just the same. "Don't mind Jun over there." Her smile still glowing bright, the girl was very polite. "My name is Hikari! Is that your pokémon on your shoulder?" She asked, pointing to Touko.

'Touya must've not told Hikari about the situation we're in…' Touko thought before turning her head to look at N.

"You could say that." Hikari wondered what he meant by that simple answer but it was rude to question guests. Hikari turned and walked into a room for a few seconds before returning with a map and more food supplies such as poke food.

"Touya has told me only little about what is going on but I gathered some information and contacted a group in Hoenn who will lead you to where they believe Jirachi is taking its slumber." Hikari handed the supplies and such to N.

"Thank you sincerely, Miss Hikari." His smile was polite towards Hikari who returned such kindness in a smile of her own. "Well we must be going if we're going to make it to Hoenn on time." Hikari led him to the door and watched as N stuffed the supplies into a bag that had been strapped onto the Unfezant's back. After that, the Unfezant took off into the sky.

When she closed the door she couldn't help but let her mind wander to what he said a minute before he had left.

Well we must be going if we're going to make it to Hoenn on time.

"Who is 'we'?" She asked in a quiet tone. The sentence kept playing over and over again in her head. She was certain that there wasn't anyone else with him besides the Snivy on his shoulder, unless her eye sight is failing her and not allowing her to see the other person? No, that couldn't have been it. Last time she checked her eye sight was very good.

"Oh well," She plopped down onto the couch with the sleeping Jun and watched TV. "Time to watch Pocket Monsters."


Hours had passed and it was now night time, the time where Zubats and other creatures of the night came out to play. Touko was somehow still awake, probably from the inactivity, and she was human again, for a while.

Her head was resting against N's chest after he had offered her to do so. At first she refused but for some reason that she didn't know why, here she was.  But it felt lovely beyond words, it felt right.

"Isn't it beautiful?" N suddenly said, pointing out to the stars that stood out so bright. There was no denying his question, the sight was indeed beautiful, the way the stars helped paint a picture that expressed the very thing that made life a beautiful sight to see.

"Yeah," Touko managed to say, her eyes glued to the bright stars. She relaxed more into his hard chest as she felt her mind come to ease. "N, thanks for everything." This wasn't what she would normally say to her enemy and she didn't know why she was saying it now to N but it came out.

"What do you mean?" He was confused but at the same time he was happy. The side she was now showing to him was so unlike her, it was cute. It made a smile make its way on his lips without him even knowing.

"You're helping me when we're enemies fighting for different ideals, thank you." Now Touko was smiling as she turned her head to where she could see N. Then Touko did the unexpected and kissed his now flushed cheek.

The involuntary crimson red blush was easy to be seen on the young man's face, the smile now gone. Just that small kiss made his heart beat faster than normal. Touko held back the urge to giggle as the plasma king tried to hide his face, knowing what the source of her giggles was. "Still, thank you N." She sat as she was before, facing front and her head comfortably placed on his torso, a small smile on her lips as she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

The smile started to return as he watched her sleep so peacefully; she looked as beautiful as the stars. No, she wasn't beautiful; she was gorgeous no matter what anyone said. He put his hands around her waist, pulling her closer to his body and enveloping her in his warmth.

"I helped you because I get this strange but strong feeling when I'm around you." He mumbled. He was uncertain what the feelings for her were, all he knew was that he felt a certain way for her, more than just liking. "Let's just put it this way, I like you…"

"A lot."
This is a collab story with :iconcoffee-ly:

As you can see, I'm uploading chapter 4 instead.

Reilly is simply just too busy and stressed at the moment so I decided to relieve her of some of her stress.

I was only going to help her get started but it turned out to be me finishing it XDDDD :iconisayplz:

We have some slight romance in this chapter~!!!!! :D

You guys deserve it ;)

Edit (9/19/11): I'm glad you guys really like this chapter! Remember to be on the lookout for the next chapter on Reilly's profile~! ;D

Chapter 3: [link] by :iconxnocturnallightx:
Chapter 5: [link] by :iconcoffee-ly:

Art - Someone on tumblr o-o
Idea/Story - :iconxnocturnallightx: and :iconcoffee-ly:
N Harmonia - Nintendo
Pokemon - Nintendo
Touko/White/Hilda - Nintendo
Touya/Black/Hilbert - Nintendo
Snivy - Nintendo
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